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Whoo-hoo, Random Favorites!


Stolen from :iconkyokokazama:

1. Favorite Game - Sonic Unleashed

2. Favorite Genre - Platforming
3. Favorite Platform - PC
4. Currently Playing - Infinite Crisis
5. Wish I was playing - The new Smash Bros
6. You can't beat me at - ...Sonic Unleashed?
7. First Game I played - Donkey Kong Country
8. First Console I played - SNES
9. Favorite 2D platformer - Donkey Kong Country
10. Favorite 3D platformer - Sonic Unleashed
11. Favorite Fighting Game - Killer Instinct (2013)
12. Favorite RPG - Pokémon
13. Favorite MMO - RuneScape?
14. Favorite FPS - Team Fortress 2
15. Favorite Spin-off - Sonic and the Black Knight
16. Favorite Nintendo game - Smash Bros
17. Favorite PS game - Crash Team Racing
18. Favorite Xbox game - I didn't play much of the original Xbox
19. Favorite Sega Game - Sonic Adventure 2
20. Favorite PC game - Team Fortress 2
21. Favorite Nintendo character - Captain Falcon
22. Favorite PS character - Ratchet
23. Favorite Xbox character - Master Chief
24. Favorite Capcom game - Viewtiful Joe
25. Favorite Ubisoft game - Rayman?
26. Favorite Square Enix game - None
27. Favorite Valve game - Team Fortress 2
28. Favorite Rareware game - Donkey Kong Country
29. Best Multiplayer game - Team Fortress 2
30. Why do you love gaming? - It gives me a sense of control in my life
  • Playing: Infinite Crisis

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Happy birthday!
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Thank you.
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Actually, it's just starting for me.
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Happy Birthday.
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Thank you. Also, thank you for the almost $0.25 worth of points. I'm sure they'll come in handy.
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Got those through Llama trading over the course of a month ._.

I'm sorry, but they're all I had.
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In honesty, I'd prefer if you kept them. You deserve them.
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Happy birthday!
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